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Bylaws of the Cumberland County Library Board

Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee



1.1    Identification.

The Cumberland County Library Board (Board) is created by the county legislative body of Cumberland County and shall consist of not less than seven (7) nor more than eleven (11)  members.  Not more than one (1) official of Cumberland County shall serve on this Board (TCA 10-3-103).  The Board shall recommend to the county legislative body new   members to fill vacancies.  Effort shall be made to have members represent various areas of the county, and have the skills and qualities as outlined in the Tennessee Public Library Trustees Manual.

1.2    Terms of Office.

All Board members shall serve for three (3) year staggered terms.  A Board member may serve two (2) consecutive, three (3) year terms, but may be appointed again after being off of the Board for one (1) full year.

1.3    Authority and Responsibilities.

The members of the Board shall organize by electing officers and adopting bylaws and regulations.  The Board has the power to direct all the affairs of the library, including appointment of a librarian who shall direct the internal affairs of the library, and such assistants or employees as may be necessary.  It may make and enforce rules and regulations and establish branches of travel service at its discretion.  It may expend funds for the special training and formal education of library personnel; provided, that such personnel shall agree to work in the library for at least two (2) years after completion of such training and education.  It may receive donations, devises and bequests to be used by it directly for library purposes.  It may hold and convey realty and personal property and negotiate leases for and on behalf of such library.  The Board shall furnish to the state library agency such statistics and information as may be required, and shall make annual reports to the county legislative body (TCA 10-3-104).

1.4    Free to Inhabitants.

The library shall be free to the inhabitants of Cumberland County.  The Board may extend the privileges and facilities of the library to persons residing outside of Cumberland County upon such terms as it shall deem proper (TCA 10-3-107).

1.5    Penalties for Loss of Property.

The Board has the power to make and enforce rules providing penalties for loss of or injury to library property (TCA 10-3-108).

1.6    Title to Property.

The title to all property acquired by the Board shall be taken in the name of the county for the use and benefit of the library, and the proceeds from all activities conducted by the Board or from any disposition of its assets shall be taken in the name of the county for the use and benefit of the library (TCA 10-3-110).

1.7    Regional Library Board.

Cumberland County is a member of the Falling Water River Region.  The county legislative body shall appoint two (2) persons to be members of the Regional Board to serve for three (3) year terms.  Members shall be elected for no more than two (2) successive terms except upon prior approval of the state librarian and archivist.  Every member of the Regional Board who is not an active member of the county Board is hereby designated an ex officio member of the county Board (TCA 10-5-102).

1.8    Open Meetings.

All meeting of the Board or of any committees of the Board are public meetings and shall be held in compliance with Tennessee's Open Meetings Law (TCA 8-44-102)


2.1    Regular Meetings.

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at time and date determined in advance by the Board with at least five (5) days notice given to the members.

2.2    Special Meetings.

Special meetings may be called by the Chair or upon the written request of at least three (3) members of the Board.  At such meetings only matters of business may be transacted as are stated in the call of the meeting.

2.3    Quorum.

A quorum for the transaction of business shall be a majority of the duly qualified and acting members of the Board (five members as long as there are nine (9) members of the Board including Regional Board members).  Vacancies shall not be included in determining a quorum of the Board.

2.4    Voting.

For any motion or resolution to pass, there must be a vote in favor by a majority of the then existing Board or committee, not merely a majority of the members present.  All votes must be cast in person.  No telephone or electronic voting is permitted (TCA 8-44-108; Tennessee Attorney General Opinion No. 99-152).

2.5    Agenda.

The library director will cause an agenda for all Board and committee meeting to be prepared and sent to all members of the Board or committee at least five (5) days before a meeting.  Any member of the Board has an absolute right to have any item or resolution they desire placed upon the advance agenda.

2.6    Order of Business.

The order of business at all meetings of the Board shall be as follows unless changed by vote of the members at any meeting:

(1)    Call to Order.

(2)    Approval of minutes of previous meeting(s).

(3)    Motions from Committees.

(4)    Library Director's Report.

(5)    Assistant Library Director's Report.

(6)    Regional Library Director's Report.

(7)    Friends of the Library Report.

(8)    Report of Officers.

(9)    Committee Reports.

(10)   Unfinished Business.

(11)   New Business.

(12)   Announcements.

(13)   Adjournment.

2.7    Notice of Meetings.

Notice of all meetings shall be given by the Library Director at least five days before the meeting to include copies of all documents to be discussed at the meeting.

2.8    Robert's Rules of Order.

To the extent not covered in these bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised as contained in the latest copyrighted edition shall govern the proceedings of all meetings of the Board and all committees.


3.1    Number and Election.

The officers shall be a Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer to be elected annually from the members of the Board.  the election of officers shall be held at the last regular meeting of the Board held before June 30 of each year with the new officers to take office July 1 of each year.  Officers shall serve for a term of one year or until their successors are elected and qualified.

3.2    Duties.

The officers shall have the following duties:

(1) Chair.  The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board, authorize calls for special meetings, appoint all committees subject to ratification by the full Board, execute all documents authorized by the Board, and generally perform all duties associated with the office of Chair.

(2)    Vice Chair.  The Vice Chair, in the event of the absence or disability of the Chair, or of a vacancy in that office, shall assume and perform the duties and functions of the Chair until the Chair returns or new Chair is elected.

(3)    Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall make monthly financial reports to the Board showing in detail all income and expenses made from the funds budgeted by the county approved library budget.

3.3    Secretary to the Board.

The Library Director shall appoint a secretary to the Board and to all committees to keep true and accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board and of all committees.  The secretary shall not be a member of the Board or have a vote at any meetings but shall be expected to attend all meetings.


4.1    Appointment.

The incoming Chair shall nominate the members of all committees and designate the Chair and Vice Chair of each committee, subject to ratification by the Board.  The appointment of committees shall take place at the last regular meeting of the Board held before June 30 of each year with the members to take office on July 1 of each year.

4.2    Composition and Term.

All standing committees, except for the Executive Committee, shall consist of five (5) members who may or may not be members of the Board.  However, the Chair and Vice Chair of all committees should be a member of the Board.  All standing committees shall take office on July 1 of each year

4.3    Standing Committees.

The Board shall have the following standing committees: Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Finance Committee, Services and Facilities Committee, Archives Committee, and Reconsideration of Library Materials Committee.

4.4    Other Committees.

The Board may have such other committees as it shall determine from time to time, with the number of members and duties to be decided by the Board in each case.

4.5    Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer, and shall be responsible for any decisions concerning the library requiring Board action in between meetings of the Board.  Any action taken by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Board at its next regular meeting.

4.6    Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for recommending to the Board persons to serve as members of the Board or members of any committee.  The committee should present such manes to the Board by March 1 of each year.

4.7    Finance Committee.

The Committee is responsible for working with the library staff to prepare the library budget for each year to be approved by the board for presentation to the county budget committee.  The committee shall also work with the Treasurer to assist in preparing the monthly financial reports to be presented to the Board.

4.8    Services and Facilities Committee.

The Services and Facilities Committee is responsible for working with the Library Director and staff: to design a planning process that fully meets the needs of the library and the community; to prepare, review and publish the library's vision and mission statement as well as the strategic directions, plans and services of the library; to design a process for monitoring and assessing library performance; to review the status of the condition of the building and grounds; and to review and revise all library policies and recommend new policies when needed.

4.9    Archives Committee.

The Archives Committee is responsible for working with the Library Director, County Archivist, and staff to review and recommend any changes in the operation of the county archives.

4.10   Reconsideration of Library Materials Committee.

The Reconsideration of Library Materials Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board concerning any complaint made concerning materials in the library.

4.11   Committee Powers.

No committee, except for the Executive Committee, shall have other than advisory powers.  Any action recommended by such a committee shall be referred to the Board for action.


5.1    Library Director.

The Library Director shall be appointed by the Board and shall be responsible to the Board.  The Library Director shall be considered the executive officer of the library and shall have charge of the administration of the library and the archives under the direction and review of the Board and subject to the policies established by the Board.  the Library Director shall act as technical advisor to the Board.  The director shall be invited to attend all meetings of the Board and committees, but shall have no vote.


6.1    Motions.

The Chair of the Board or of any Committee may vote upon and may move or second any proposal before the Board or of any Committee.

6.2    Suspension of the Rules.

Any rule or resolution of the Board may be suspended temporarily in connection with the business at hand, but such suspension, to be valid, must be approved by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Board.

6.3    Amendments of the Bylaws.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board my majority vote of all members of the Board, provided written notice of the proposed amendments has been given to all members of the Board at least five (5) days prior to the meeting at which such action is proposed to be taken.


Bylaws of the Cumberland County Library Board, Cumberland County, Crossville, Tennessee.

Adopted February 18,2014 / Revised January 20, 2015; May 19, 2015.

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