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Sponsors in Cumberland County

2016 Sponsors of the

Cumberland County Imagination Library

Engineers ($1,000.00 and over)

  • Jay & Diane Brown
  • John & Mitzi Crouse
  • Denise Hanifer


  • Fairfield Glade Ladies Invitational 2016
  • Friends of the Art Circle Public Library
  • Governor's Books From Birth Foundation
  • Lake Tansi Exchange Club
  • United Fund of Cumberland County

Conductors ($500.00 - $999.00)

  • Jesse W. & Diane D. Brown

  • Art & Judy Wojta


  • Appalachian Regional Commission

  • Fairfield Glade Ladies Club

  • Fairfield Glade Rotary Club

  • Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church

Switchmen ($250.00 - $ 499.00)

  • Appalachian Regional Commission

  • Crossville Breakfast Rotary Club

  • Fairfield Glade Ladies Club

  • Neighbors & Newcomers of Cumberland County

Firemen ($150.00 - $249.00)

  • R. E. & E. Rainey *

  • Mike & Connie Stone

Flagmen ($0.00 - $149.00)

  • In Memory of Willie Frank Davenport given by the Marie Ervin Homemakers FCE

  • In Memory of Esther Matthews given by Melanie Workman Sherrill & Dinah Goodwin


  • Hazel Bardash

  • Irene and Steven Blackburn

  • Tom & Renee Clayton

  • Dan & Debbie Cox

  • J. Lee Cross

  • Jerry & Sheila Davenport

  • Carolyn & Peter Flick

  • Joanna C. Gibbs

  • Janet Graham

  • Rob & Lisa Harrison

  • L. Horrigan

  • Donnie B. Iverson

  • Debra & Douglas Jones

  • Kames & Maureen Konieczka

  • Vivian & Charles Maginnis

  • Howard & Freida Mercer

  • Robert & Margaret Nichols

  • Laurie & Howie Peebles

  • Sandra Purcell

  • Betty Quast

  • John & Mary Ranger

  • Viviane Scherer

  • Doris H. Shanks

  • Cosby & Rebecca Stone

  • James Taylor

  • Sandra Tindall

  • Paul & Marcia Wennermark


  • Woody FCE Club

  • Kroger Community Rewards

  • The Lawn Rangers, Inc.

  • Marie Ervin F C E Club

  • Mountain Homemakers F C E Club

  • Unitedway of Toledo Corp.

  • Anonymous Cash Contributions

* denotes multiple contributions

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