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Art Circle Public Library: 2021 Adult Reading Program Winners

Cumberland County, Tennessee

Weekly Winners

January 1 through January 10

Lana Davis

Barb Duncan

Rita DeFrees


January 11 through January 17

Kim Myers

Lane Sage

June Whetsel


January 18 through January 24

Pat McGraw

Sue Litman

William Heffner


January 25 through January 31

Naomi Nixon

Sue Godfrey

Danni Blackmun

February 1 through February 7

Joni Witherite

Sandra Tapani

Cathie Crim


February 8 through February 14

Sue O'Hair

Linda Beck

Marcha Waddell


February 15 through February 21

Brenda Whittaker

Marvin Crim

Catherine Henderson

2021 Adult Reading Club Winners

2021 Adult Reading Club

March 2021

February 22 through February 28

Beverly Fuchs

Leslie Herrick

Marita Rumph


March 1 through March 7

Lou Ann Roos

Pam Matthews

Beth Uhler


March 8 through March 14

Joe Stahl

Cynthia Ziemian

Heather Smith


March 15 through March 21

Danni Blackmun

Judith Dunn

Mike O'Hair


March 22 through March 28

Pete Celina

Lana Davis

Connie Eaton


March 29 through March 31

Joe Stahl

Bobbie Hamby

Kim Meyers