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Friends of the Library: Meetings

All meetings of the Friends of the Art Circle public Library or any FOL committee meeting is open to the public and visitors are welcome.   Regular Board and Membership meetings shall be held at a time and date determined in advance by the board with at least five days notice given to the members. 

Friends of the Library Meetings

Friends of the Library Board Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month and is attended by the FOL Executive Board to conduct the business of the FOL between regular Membership meetings and to set the agenda for the following Membership meeting.  Board Meetings are not scheduled for the month of June or July.  During this time, Board Meetings may be called as the need arises.  Refer to the Calendar of Events for exact dates and times.

General Membership meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month beginning with a brief social time with refreshments provided by members of the FOL.  The monthly business meeting will begin after the social time and a special guest will speak immediately following the business meeting.  The guest speakers provide informative presentations on various subjects throughout the year.  Membership meetings are not held in June, July or August due to summer vacation schedules.

During the business portion of the meeting the membership will be provided status of the organization, be asked to vote on pending issues and bring to the membership new items for consideration.  There will also be a book auction with the proceeds going to the FOL book store and a door prize will be awarded to someone in attendance.  Refer to the Calendar of Events for exact dates and times.

2024 Guest Speakers


January -  John Conrad, Conrad Tours

February  Margo Brown, Valentine Cards 

March -  Donnie Moody, Crimestoppers & future Community Complex plans 

April -  Angela Witzel, Dogwood Exchange 

May -  Wayne Schobel & Mary deWolf 

September -  

October - 

November -  

December -  

Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes

Minutes of all Friends of The Library meetings are available for viewing by the general public.  To view or receive a copy of specific Meeting minutes, contact the FOL Secretary