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Friends of the Library: Book Store

The Friends of the Art Circle Public Library offer gently used books for sale in the Carol Darling room of the library to the right of the grand staircase.  The books (music CD’s and DVD videos are available at times) are all donated volumes, sorted as to condition and subject matter/author, then placed on the shelves for sale.  All proceeds from the book sales are used to support the library through various line items in the FOL budget. 

Depending on the item, prices range from 25¢ to $4.00 per item.  Price lists are posted at the end of the book shelves and next to the “Honor Box”.  Some of the specialty books will have a price sticker on the book.

Book purchases can be made during normal library hours.  Volunteers are normally available to assist in your purchase from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.  An “Honor Box” is located in the book store area for purchases when a Volunteer is not available.