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Friends of the Library: Organization

The Friends of the Art Circle Public Library is a non-profit 501(C)3, volunteer organization.  The Organization Structure consists of Officers and Committees whose duties and operational procedures are defined in By-Laws.  The By-laws can be found by following the link below:


Executive Board



Linda Weis


Sherry Eldred  


Kathy Pipkin  


Emily Griffin



Barbara Soblo

Cathy Cathey

Mary DeWolf


Board Support Positions


Nancy Mitchell




Dolores Schwartz

Web site

Bob Schwartz

Organization Structure

The FOL organization, as defined in the By-Laws, consists of an Executive Board which is composed of four Officers and five additional Board Members at Large elected by the membership.  In addition, the Director of the Library shall serve, without voting privileges, as an ex-officio member.

The Officers, as defined, are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The President is the elected leader and official spokesperson of FOL and presides at all regular membership and Executive Board meetings.  The President also represents and provides FOL reports to the Art Circle Public Library Board of Trustees at the regular Trustee meetings.   

The Vice-President performs the duties and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence; And ensures that the FOL is operated according to the Charter and the Bylaws.

The Secretary records the proceedings of all regular meetings of the membership and  Executive Board, maintains a file of all meeting minutes including Committee minutes, is responsible for all general correspondence and manages the current Board members' signed Conflict of Interest forms.

The Treasurer has oversight responsibility for all FOL funds, works with the Executive Board to develop an annual budget, keeps accounting records of all receipts and disbursements, prepares and files a written report for each regular membership meeting, prepares and submits required documents for state or federal tax requirements.

      Several Standing Committees are also defined in the FOL By-Laws:

The Audit Committee reviews bank reconciliations on a quarterly basis and reports to the members at year end.

The Communications Committee works to bring FOL and its activities before the community and to assure communication among members.

The Fund Raising Committee shall seek to raise funds to further the purposes of  FOL.

The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers and Members At Large to the Executive Board for consideration.  The Executive Board will present the slate to members for a vote on accepting the slate of nominees.

The Membership Committee promotes increased membership in FOL, enhances services to the current membership and keeps an updated membership roster. 

The Program Committee presents events of interest to FOL members and the community within the scope and purpose of FOL.

Special projects that do not fit into the Committee structure may be undertaken with the approval of the Executive Board.

Link to the bylaws