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Art Circle Public Library: End of the OverDrive App

Cumberland County, Tennessee

End of the OverDrive App

The OverDrive App is coming to its final end in April 2023.

The OverDrive app hasn’t been available for download from the app stores (except for the Amazon app store) for quite a while now. However, if someone had the app on their device it continued to work. This will not be the case after April 2023. After that date, the OverDrive app will not work at all. The only option for users who want to download to an app will be the Libby app.

The READS website (  will continue to exist and users can search/checkout/read in browser through the website if they don’t want to use the Libby app.

See the message below for more details and links to various resources to help you promote this to your users.

OverDrive app sunset timeline and user messaging

The OverDrive app will be sunset at the end of April 2023. This change will simplify how you promote READS, train your staff, and support your users. In the weeks before the OverDrive app sunset, current in-app messaging will be updated to give users a final reminder to switch to Libby.

Note: Final copy and images subject to change.


OverDrive app sunset resources

For users: